A new season of SEL has started

POSTED BY Karos May 2, 2019 in General
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After being in the Nordic scene for about half a year, we’ve finally made it into division 1. This upcoming season we will be competing with some known names in the Nordic region such as Valhalla Vikings, Wind and Rain, FALKN and The Final Tribe in the Swedish Esports League of Challengermode.

Our roster shall be:

  Benjamin “Novachrono” Micic
  Martin “Yike” Sundelin
  Ricky “Émilio” Ilic
  Alex “Mirbs” Holmin
  Joachim “Accziz” Torsvik

Our staff shall be:

  Sven “Warhammer” Keupp
  Mikkel “H3ka” Lund Johansen
  Jannik “Wiesel” Kern

p.s. Don’t mind the @HybridEsports Twitter handle, Challengermode thought it was ours. Our Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/HybridGGeSports