Hybrid eSports makes a return to the LoL eSports scene

POSTED BY Karos November 21, 2018 in Recruitment
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We’re proud to announce our League of Legends roster. This roster will be representing us in the Swedish Esports League on Challengermode. The players are really motivated, experienced and skilled. Aside of all this they have a Positive Mental Attitude (PMA). 
The main roster consists of the following players:
  Adam “Eragon” Harney
  Batu “Batu” Gazier
  Ricky “Émilio” Ilic
  Filip “Flirt” Vatamidis Norrstam
  Viggo “Viggo” Lindhe
We will do all it takes to support our LoL roster in their growth procedure as a team. Aside of this we will do our best to keep them satisfied during their stay in Hybrid eSports.