Hybrid joins the NA Overwatch scene

POSTED BY Karos December 9, 2018 in Recruitment
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We’re proud to announce our Overwatch NA roster. This roster will be representing us in the Open Division and other tournaments in the Overwatch competitive scene. We hope that they’ll be able to reach Contenders Trials this season. The players are very ambitous, motivated and skilled.
The roster consists of the following players:

  Devin “YankyWolf” Devine
  Aloka “Brim” Gent
  Leal “Paradox” A.
  Oliver “Specs” Lefebvre
  Tristan “Eskay” Hollis
  Josua “Nobodykares” Rosas

The substitutes are:
  Sean “Hero” Sinclair
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is canada.png  Ryan “Attributions” Kim
We would also like to introduce you to the staff:
  Micheal “Miskey” Coppola (Head Manager/Head Coach)
  Ryan “Vaal Nailo” Dundee (Assistant Manager)
  “Blu” (Assistant Coach)
  Benjamin “DancingMad” T. (VOD recorder)
  Lux “Carnage” V. (VOD recorder)
We will do what we can to support this team in their growth. We believe that they’ll be able to show some good results this Open Division.
Welcome aboard guys!