Hybrid recruits Clausen’s Army as their HotS roster

POSTED BY Karos March 21, 2018 in Recruitment
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We are proud to announce you that we officially have a Heroes Of The Storm roster – which was formerly known as “Clausen’s Army”. The roster consists of players which are very experienced and motivated. The team itself has been around since january 2018, however there have been a few roster changes. In the 2018 Heroes Global Championship Open Division they have reached the 4th place in week 2 and week 4. At this moment they are 9th in the standings.

The roster consists of the following players:

  Jens “Clausen” Clausen
  Johan “Berghult” Berghult
  Elias “Galnegunnar” Hergül
  Thanaphon “Djingozor” Larsen
  Charles “Korlikk” Giafferi

We as Hybrid eSports will do our best to stimulate the growth of this team. Welcome aboard guys, we wish you a pleasant stay in our club!