League of Legends Roster Announcement 2020 Spring

POSTED BY Karos February 1, 2020 in Recruitment
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We’re proud to announce our roster for the DreamHack League of Legends Nordic Championship 2020.

Our roster shall be:

  Elias “Kakan” Edlund
  Martin “Yike” Sundelin
  Marcus Vittrup “Priskornet” Priskorn
  Alex “Mirbs” Holmin
  Joachim “Accziz” Torsvik

  Otto “Odo” Jaskari
  Anders “Sharp” Lilleengen
  Ricky “Emilio” Ilic
  Adrian “Tazaku” Steiner
  Ludvig “Björnen Baloo” Grönlund

Our staff shall be:

  Sven “Warhammer” Keupp
  Filip Valentin “Valentine” Holde
  Jannik “Wiesel” Kern

A personal statement of our Head Coach    Filip Valentin “Valentine” Holde: “Hey everyone. Coach Valentine here with my thoughts coming in to the 1st week of Nordic Championship We’ve been working hard the last couple of weeks in order to find our new identity as a team considering the fact that we have a new top laner and mid laner and I believe we are slowly getting there. I think everyone will see a completely different Hybrid when we on Sunday make our debut in the Nordic Championship against Team Singularity. As for expectations its no secret that we have high ambitions and are aiming for playoffs. I think the competition is very close and i see a lot of teams with the potential to make an upset against the favorites, so first priority is to keep both feet on the ground and focus on short term goals. Last but not least I want to give a shoutout to the fans, friends and family who believed in us in the qualifiers. We will do our best in the Nordic Championship, but we need all the support we can get. I hope to see everyone in Twitch chat tomorrow.”

Welcome aboard!